Jim Cowgill lives in the Venice area of Los Angeles, a beach side community rich in art and alternative vibes. In 1983 Jim purchased his first synthesizer, a Moog Rogue.   With the Moog and a delay pedal, he was now able to make sounds similar to Tangerine Dream and other electronic music pioneers that he admired.   During the 80's, armed with his little Moog and a Yamaha SK-15 string machine, Jim toured with a synth pop band called Glad Corp, based out of NYC.   The group's career was, let's say, short.   The next twenty years was a miasma of show biz related jobs: Sound Man, Lighting Guy, Video Tech, and of course the occasional stint as a Used Car Salesman.   It has been in the last three years, that Jim has been able to assemble a suitable digital recording studio, and accumulate some more instruments (he still has the Rogue), that led to the production of the self-titled Sequenox CD.   Sequenox is in the stage of recording a second collection of soundscapes, and planning some live appearances accompanied by L.A. Video Artist, Chuck Overcash.